Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thunder's humor: the content of our nearly 100% Genuine

"Thunderbolt of the genuine rate is almost close to 100%." Yesterday, Thunder COO Luo people, a news conference in Shenzhen, the anti-piracy alliance to respond to the allegations.

This outburst, the presence of journalists are all private Xu Xi, try to figure out the Thunder has been driven to revolt is so Koubuzeyan, why use this figure to disgraced itself, perhaps this is the Thunder's humor has always been, as he likes in his The site was shocked to write "genuine issue of platform."

A reporter's laughter: "Thunderbolt should go to the next venue to see, there is a table arrayed with more than 20 copies of the court's public certificate is evidence of their pirated movies."

Just next door to the venue, the anti-piracy alliance is proof, superior to Ding Shao Peng Pollock said in his speech: "Thunder is about 90% piracy rate, the video industry's most crazy pirates. At present, evidence of excellent friends Bullock piracy film 369, the first sent to 100 cases of litigation, the day before yesterday in Shenzhen Nanshan district court placed on file. "

Union lawyers announced Hao xia "Thunder has been made to see evidence of pirated movies include:" Fight Back to School, "" Flirting Scholar "," Hail the Judge "," Confession of Pain, "" Heroes, "" King of Comedy "" 瀹夊涓庢鏋?"," passion "," 97 Films are, "" The Lady Iron Chef, "" Ghost eyes Interpol "," My wife is a gambler, "" holy bird "," Sparrow, "" Long Live Love "," small war elephant "," sharp shooters "," Invisible Target "," Miss Mermaid "and so on."

Counsel also stressed: "This is a large scale website, including Thunder Thunder Thunder dog look and defenders of two sites, means of protection, including the civil and administrative complaints for the first time a large number of prosecutions of video is 100, on Youku After the fight we put a lot of power, of the Thunder web videos made preservation of evidence, to make preservation of evidence so far yesterday morning Thunder online video more than 128, we selected 100 "

In addition, Chupin Fang has also issued a statement after another to the Thunder, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Paramount Pictures Group, the United States Sony Pictures Entertainment (China) Co., Ltd. have crusade against the pirates:

Even if the evidence, legal and trial, Thunder still insists that their rate is nearly 100% genuine, "no one read the madness of Thunder: vertical is your evidence, I can turn a blind eye. You say no, I said, to say how easy it is. thieves, theft, also "Pirates of the reasons."

Perhaps aware of the brain just hot and crazy, Thunder mouth out rate is nearly 100% genuine obscurity, the guilty conscience calm down immediately added that "the identification of copyright is a very complex and specialized matters, inevitably there will be some small defects. " Well, this small flaw, but is only 369 tort film, all you arty laity, really surprised, and would like to buy then no copyright are still able to do favoritism.

Thunder is not a mess, comebacks played very beautiful, not only there a little "small errors" "100%", there is a done enough homework in the "vintage old scores."

On the 28th day, Thunder drafted a "Ten Questions Sohu, excellent friends Pollock" false alliance "counter book and intercept at the venue to attend a press conference the anti-piracy coalition, the document's strong hands stuffed. The old account very carefully done, sounds about some well known old stories, a patchwork quilt can Honghao Cheng Wen.

Industry commented that Is Thunder can not see the perspective of development problem? Out how convincing the old accounts, anti-piracy awareness from scratch, from weak to strong in the process, defenders and pirates is the contradiction increasingly polarized, and this is the entire video industry, the development process. Union reported that the current counts of Thunder, Thunder has old scores to take a piece of paper with the court's public certificate 20 PK, who wins? Clear if you can wash yourself, no piracy can be reported, I believe they will welcome you as anti- Piracy Union, a member of.

Anti-Piracy Alliance of more than 20 copies of the court certificate

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